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Relocating to Perth

Perth is the most isolated city in Australia. In fact, it is closer to Bali, Indonesia than to other state capitals. While it is not as busy as larger cities, Perth’s relaxed lifestyle is inviting to those who are looking for a more peaceful place to move into.

Despite its size, the city boasts of skyscrapers, supermarkets, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and of course a lot of beaches.

bell tower perth west australia

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Living in Perth Guide

If you are considering moving to Perth, here are some of the things that you need to know:

Housing and Rental
Average monthly household rental payment – A$1,934
Average monthly household mortgage payment – A$2,341

Eggs (12) – AU$4.13
Cheese (500g)- AU$8
Potatoes (1kg) – A$2.64
Apples (1kg) – A$3.97
Milk (1L) – A$1.25

Personal Care
Cold medicine (for 6 days) – AU$10
Toothpaste (120g) – AU$4.36
4 rolls of toilet paper – AU$3.39
Hair shampoo 2-in-1 (200ml) – AU$6
Deodorant ( roll-on) – A$4.80

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Since the city is isolated job opportunities are somehow limited. For the past 5 years, the construction, financial and insurance, rental (hiring) and real estate, and professional scientific and technical industries have had the largest number of employees. While these workers are growing in number, those who are working in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining industries are continuously decreasing in number.

Despite being isolated from other major cities, Perth was never left behind in terms of education. There are 1051 schools in Western Australia and around 600 of these are in Perth. Most of the schools here are government schools and Catholic schools. It also has at least 2 world-class universities, the University of Western Australia and Curtin University. Both of these universities are in the top 1% of the worldwide ranking.

Perth may be an isolated capital city, but this does not stop the city from making the most out of its natural and material riches. Whether you’re an existing local, a new resident, or a visiting tourist, you will surely enjoy Perth’s gorgeous beaches and botanic gardens. During your free time from work or school, you can visit art galleries and museums, dine in restaurants, take a stroll along the shores, or have a blast in the city’s various entertainment venues.

Majority of the residents of Perth prefer using private vehicles to move around the city. All modes of public transportation in Perth are operated by Transperth. Rail transport is the easiest way to move around the area; the train services are available from 5:00 AM until midnight. Buses also run every 5-15 minutes during weekdays. There is a ferry service across the Swan River which connects Perth’s CBD with the South Perth foreshore. However, ferry services are only popular among tourists who wish to enjoy the scenic ride or to go to Perth Zoo in South Perth.

Fuel (1L) – A$1.44
Public transport (1 month) – A$80
Taxi trip, basic tariff (8km) – A$20

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