Moving to the UK is an exciting thing – there are so many great opportunities and a lovely way of life to be had there.

However, leaving your current home and taking it all with you can be overwhelming and take some time.

That’s when it’s time to call Whybirds for help. We offer all kinds of services to help you get to the UK without any fuss or hassle.

Here’s what to keep in mind as you make your new home in the United Kingdom.

Packing and Shipping

One of the biggest jobs involved with moving to the UK is getting everything packed and delivered to where you plan to live.

We can help by doing specialised packing for your most prized possessions, as well as providing the materials needed to pack everything else, including furniture, dishes, and much more.

We can also arrange to have all of your belongings shipped by air or sea so that they arrive in your new home when you need them to.

Shipment of Other Items

If you have cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, or caravans that you want to take to your new home in the UK, we can help you get them there.

We’ll arrange to have your vehicle safely stowed during the move and carefully unloaded and delivered to you once you arrive in the UK.


Unpacking is almost as big of a job as packing and we can help with that too. We will work with a partner agency who offers similar services as us to take a lot of the work off your shoulders.

We’ll arrange delivery of all of your belongings to your new home and can also help you to arrange for your belongings to be unpacked and furniture assembled for you.

Relocation Services

We can also help you find a new place to live in the UK if you haven’t been able to locate one yet.

We are also available to help you find a nearby school for your children if you need one and can help you navigate the immigration process as you prepare to move to a new country.


If you have any items you aren’t quite ready to take to the UK with you, we can safely store them for you, either long term or short term.

Our secure storage facilities are watched regularly and your items are in safe and temperature regulated units so everything is in good shape when you are ready for it.

Moving to the UK is an adventure but it still needs thoughtful planning and execution. Call Whybirds today for help with making your move to the UK a breeze.

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